What’s for dessert? The Cake Studio offers a selection of traditional and specialty desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Adding dessert to the menu is a great way to top off a meal, celebrate life, and impress your guests.

Peruse our menu of pies, Charlottes, Dessert Cakes, Trifle Desserts, and Cookies below. Or if you need to print it out, Download Dessert Menu here. 

Be sure to order in advance at 978.401.2428

 Assorted cookiesCookie Trays

Cookies are not just for children! We have all your favorites and maybe some you’ve never tried.

Please order in advance by calling 978.401.2428.

12 Cookies, $15     24 Cookies, $25

Flavor Choices: Chocolate Chip, MMs, Coconut, Sugar Cookies, Peanut Butter

Strawberry MacaroonsMacaroons

We offer 7 flavors of macaroons! What are your favorite kinds?

12 Macaroons, $36 (minimum order of 12 / 4 per flavor)

Macaroon Flavors: Chocolate Ganache, White Chocolate Ganache, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Chocolate Fudge, Caramel, Lemon

Charlotte Desserts

Our Charlotte is a sponge cake filled with vanilla custard and strawberries or passion fruit, and surrounded by ladyfingers. We offer both 6-inch and 8-inch rounds. 

Please order in advance by calling 978.401.2428.

Strawberry and Vanilla Charlotte, 6-in. $35 / 8-in. $55

Passion Fruit Charlotte, 6-in. $35 / 8-in. $55


Dessert Cakes

In addition to all of our special occasion cakes, we offer this selection of dessert cakes.

Please order in advance by calling 978.401.2428.

Churros Cake, 6-in. $40 / 8-in. $75
Vanilla cake filled with caramel filling with churros all around the cake

Tiramisu, 6-in. $35 / 8-in. $65
Our Tiramisu is a sponge cake infused with coffee and coffee liqueur, layered with mascarpone cheese filling, and topped with whipped cream and cocoa. 

Tres Leches, 8-in. $15
Cake infused with tres leches, topped with whipped cream

Tres Leches with Fruit, 8-in. $50
Two-layered tres leches cake with mixed fruits or strawberries

Pie For Dessert

For many families, serving pie is a tradition during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now you can serve pie for dessert anytime.

All of our pies are 8-inches in diameter.

Please order in advance by calling 978.401.2428.

Key Lime Pie, $18

Pumpkin Pie, $15

Chocolate Mousse Pie, $20
Chocolate mousse over a pie crust, topped with whipped cream

Apple Pie, $15

Strawberry Pie, $20
Vanilla custard with strawberries, topped with a chocolate ganache, over a pie crust

Flan, $15
Caramel flan

Trifle Desserts

Trifle DessertsTrifle desserts have a white or chocolate cake base with additional layers of specialty ingredients. All are available in three sizes and are priced as such:

Small (6 servings), $20   Medium (12 servings), $30   Single Cup, $8

Please order in advance by calling 978.401.2428.

Cheese Cake Trifle: Cheese cake filling with strawberries, topped with whipped cream

Prestige Trifle: Coconut with condensed milk, chocolate fudge, topped with whipped cream

Strawberry Trifle: Vanilla custard with strawberries and brigadeiro (Brazilian chocolate fudge), topped with whipped cream

Romeo & Juliet Trifle: Guava paste with cheese cake filling, topped with whipped cream

Nutella Trifle: Nutela paste with vanilla custard, topped with whipped cream

Sonho De Valsa Trifle:  Sonho de valsa is a Brazilian bonbon made with chocolate and cashew nut filling, which is crushed over vanilla custard and topped with whipped cream

Walnut Trifle: Walnuts with condensed milk and vanilla custard, topped with whipped cream

Passion Fruit Trifle: Passion fruit mousse with dark chocolate fudge

Coconut Trifle: Coconut with condensed milk, vanilla custard, and strawberries