Strictly Enforced Custom Order Policies

The exact price of a cake is dependent on its size and detail. Our general pricing guideline is $5.50 per serving for basic decorations plus $50 per hour of additional decorating required to create the design.

Because our pricing is linked to our time, if you let us know what your budget and serving requirements are, we can come up with a design to meet your goals.  Many of our designs can be varied to be more detailed and awesome, or less so, based on your individual requirements. If you would like us to create a design, there is a $100 charge to create a design. 

The minimum order for any custom cakes is $100, and no fewer than 20 servings. 

The minimum order for any sculpted cake is $200, and no fewer than 20-25 servings.

We are a made-to-order bakery specialized in custom orders. Everything is made fresh from scratch. All custom orders typically require 7-10 days’ advance notice (depending on availability).

We have limited available space to best serve our customers and will only accept orders that we can fulfill.

1. ALL payments for custom orders are NONREFUNDABLE.

We are a small bakery, not a bank.  While we are happy to apply your payment to store credit for a future order, we do not give cash refunds for any custom orders.  From the minute you place your order, we immediately make multiple investments to ensure that your cake will be completed, some of which include: turning down other potential orders, scheduling bakers and decorators, spending great deals of time properly planning the execution of your design, and purchasing necessary tools and supplies.

When you make a deposit or a payment for a cake, that is a commitment on your behalf, and we will hold you to it, just as you should hold us to our commitment of delivering your cake as we committed.

2. Until you place your $100 date deposit, we can not guarantee availability for your date.

Upon ordering a cake, to secure your spot on our schedule, we require a $100, NON-REFUNDABLE date deposit.  Placing this deposit guarantees that we will be available to make your cake on your selected date.

Date deposits will go toward the final purchase of your cake and do not represent any additional cost.

Cake design need not be finalized before placing a date deposit.  We can happily work out the remaining details after the deposit is placed, so long as all details are finalized no later than 7 days prior to your event date.

3. All Payments MUST be made according to schedule, or we may not be able to make your cake.

As we stated before, creating custom orders requires a substantial time investment on our behalf. Failure to meet payment deadlines exposes us to losses that we can’t afford as a small, independent bakery. Therefore if you fail to pay for your order as scheduled, we may not be able to complete your cake.

For large custom orders like wedding cakes, a half payment is due two months prior to the event date, and a full balance is due two weeks prior to event date.  For smaller custom orders, full payment is due one week prior to event date.